Cheerleader Updates…

The cheerleaders had a GREAT first practice today! The following information was given at practice. Please make note:
1. If your cheerleader does not have briefs we need sizes so we can place orders.
2. “No-Show” white socks are what we will be wearing for tailgating and games.
3. If you haven’t had your cheerleader fitted for a uniform, you need to see Coach Heidi by Sunday to get sizes so an order can be placed on Monday night. This is the last fitting day.
4. Hair ties are made and are $3 each. These will be available at our next practice.
5.  If your briefs or warm-ups do not fit from last year, you can sell them second hand.  Prices will be determined by coaches; max is $25 for warm-up and $2.50 for briefs. If you wish to purchase gently-used items, please see your coach.
6. We will continue to meet at Vibe on Sundays through the rest of August to learn dances.

See you next Thursday, August 11 at 7:30 PM for cheer/chant practice!

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