Important Cheerleader Updates!

This week:
Sunday, August 28, is our final dancing day with Hank. We will take Labor Day Sunday off and get back with you in regards to continuing our tumbling sessions at Vibe.

Thursday, Sept 1, is cheer practice at 6:30 PM. We need everyone there as we only have one more scheduled practice before our first game. This is our last practice before tailgating at the high school game. We will be handing out uniforms and briefs at this practice. The practice time is being changed to 6:30 PM due to the amount of mosquitoes that we have encountered at the end of our later practices. Coach Jen will be initiating the practice with our stretches, chants and jumps. I am working until 7 PM and will arrive at practice shortly after. Then we can split off into groups to finish up our halftime routines and show them to the other squads this night.

I understand that everyone is trying to get all of their family events in before the end of summer, as I am as well, but please do not schedule these things for Thursday. We have made it a priority to be there and would appreciate it if you would as well.

Friday, September 2, is tailgating at the high school for the varsity football game. We will be tailgating behind the junior high building in the parking lot to cook out. Please check earlier posts on the Hornets website for more details and to see what you need to bring to the festivities. (Bring chairs if you would like to sit while eating.) We will walk with the girls into the game and go out on the field. Please, please…if you do not plan on staying for the game, pick up your cheerleader outside of the main ticket gate after the players run onto the field. It is difficult to keep them all together afterwards to get them back to the parking lot.

I will be taking a head count at practice on Thursday to see how many girls will be taking part in the varsity game activities next Friday.

Thanks for all of your patience with us. The girls are doing a great job and I am looking forward to our games starting up!!


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