Weigh-ins September 6th

Weigh-ins will be on Saturday September 6th at Westwood Park. Times will be announced soon. All football players must attend weigh-ins or they cannot play. There will be early weigh-ins on September 3rd at 6:00 pm for those who cannot attend on September 6th. If you need to go to early weigh-ins please send an email to bedfordhornets@gmail.com.

Westwood Rams – WEIGH INS
Westwood Park 4070 McGregor Ln. Between Clover and Talmadge
Begin at Temperance Road Elementary.
1. Head west on W Temperance Rd toward Jackman Rd.
2.  Turn left onto Jackman Rd.
3. Turn right onto Alexis Rd.
4. Turn left onto Clover Ln.
5. Take the 3rd right onto McGregor Ln.

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