A Message from Juniors Cheer Coach Wendy

Most everyone now knows our cheer, chant and 75% of the dance for half time. That’s huge! Now all we need to do is tighten it up and learn the rest of our dance and chants.  Below I have listed practices that will bring us up to our first game. All practices from now until game time are very important. Please give me a buzz or an email if you know you can’t make it to practice. We will be learning the last part of our dance this Sunday at Vibe. If you can’t make it, I will going over it again on Tuesday. If at all possible, please try to be at Tuesday’s practice as I plan to have half time completed.

Junior Cheer Practice Schedule:
Sunday, August 21 @ 1:30 PM at Vibe
Tuesday, August 23 @ 6 PM
Thursday, August 25 @ 6 PM (I will not be there but Heidi will be teaching another 10 chants that we need to know for games)
August 29 through September 4 – I will be on vacation; no practice this week. Any girl who wants to practice chants can attend senior cheer practice (check the website for dates and times). I recommend any girl that is new to do this as we have a lot of chants to learn.
Wednesday, September 7 @ 6 PM
Thursday, September 8 @ 6 PM (last practice before the game!)

Thanks a bunch!