Practice for today 8/16/18

Due to the continuing rain and the field is partially flooded, practice for today is CANCELLED.  Have a wonderful weekend!


Practice for Thursday.

Parents please try to arrive early tonight.  We will be passing out pants and jersey’s (Junior’s & Senior’s only).  We have an order to how we pass out jersey’s so your child may not get the exact number he wants.  Parents please hang around to take your players pants and jersy home as the will not be wearing them today.  Friday’s practice will be full gear (pants, pads and PRACTICE jersey).

Banquet/Equipment Turn In

Tomorrow is the banquet from 6-8pm at Bedford Junior High in the cafeteria. Along with the banquet we are having equipment turn in. Football players, please bring both pair of pants, your practice jerseys, game jerseys and helmets. Cheerleaders, please refer to directions given by Coach Tina. 
Please wash all of your pants and jerseys. 
Please remove ALL stickers on helmets EXCEPT the YELLOW RH sticker, that one must stay on.
Please refer to earlier post on what to bring. 




  • Whitmer Panther Stadium, 5601 Clegg Drive, Toledo, OH  43613
  • Both Hornet teams will line up on the visitor side of the stadium.  Programs will be available for purchase and include pages of all our Hornet players and cheerleaders.  It will also include ads that were purchased earlier this year.
  • Juniors arrive at the field at 9:10 am – game to start at 9:40 am
  • Seniors arrive at the field at 12:00 pm – game to start at 12:35 pm


SUNDAY 10/29/17

Below is Sunday’s schedule  

  • FLAG:  Arrive at 10:00 am at the Rams field. (Westwood Park, same field as weigh ins).  
  • JUNIORS:  Arrive at 12:00 pm at the Ravens JUNIOR HIGH field (located behind the high school stadium, parking is at the elementary and junior high school). Game starts at 1:00 pm.
  • SENIORS:  Arrive at 2:00 pm at the Rams field. (Westwood Park, same location as weigh ins).  Game starts at 3:00 pm.